My name is Anne Kjær Wæhrens and with my theater company, Kære Teater (Dear Theater) my wish is to convey theater and drama to both children, youth, and adults, through theater performances and workshops.

On my website here, you can read about the workshops, performances etc. I have to offer – and get a sense of who I am as an actor, theater maker and educator.


Kære Teater creates and conveys theater to all people in all ages – therefore the theater has both an artistic and a educational focus.

The artistic part consists of bringing relevant philosophic, social, and community related subjects into the light and via an artistic and aesthetic interpretation set the frames and make room for debate among people. The experience you get from a theater performance should be consolatory in its origin. Kære Teater strives to give it’s audiences a holistic experience, which is nuanced and challenging, but which leaves the spectator with something of a positive nature in the end.

In addition to that, the education part of the theater strives to take the subject ”drama” and give tools to people to be able to translate impressions to expressions in an artistic manner. In the work studio a process is initiated, an interaction between ones senses and intellect – thereby a reflection will occur, which is basic for all human recognition. In the senses, the absorption and the neglecting of self, which is enclosed in the artistic process, we can take a step closer to understanding ourselves as individuals and as human beings.

Kære Teater is run by Anne Kjær Wæhrens, but in collaboration with other actors, artists, directors, musicians or drama teachers, all depending on the nature of the specific project.


Anne Kjær Wæhrens: Actress. Theater Maker. Storyteller. Clown. Singer. Educator.

I am educated as an actress and theater maker with the Master of Fine Arts degree in Ensemble Based Physical Theater from Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre in California (2009-2010 and 2015-2017).

Both as an actress and a human being I have a great fascination and passion for the work with the human voice, and since 2006 I have continuesly worked with the Nadine George Voice Work, Voice Studio International – a method that originates in the Roy Hart Voice Technique.

The past many years I have worked intensely with Clown, both with my International Clown Troupe ”Ciboulette” and with my own solo clown show ”Get Back on the Horse” from 2015, which I created in collaboration with Jens Kløft from the company Theater Burning Love.

Music is also a big part of my artistic life – I play the violin and the mandolin, but my main instrument is my voice. I sing both jazz and blues standards, folk lieds, opera arias and when I write my own songs, I often choose the ”alternative/indie folk” genre.

In 2012-2015 I attended the Independent Academy for Free School Teaching in Denmark with my main subject being drama. In this context I have great experience teaching various age groups both adult, youth and children in various drama disciplines such as Clown, Voice Work, Bouffon, Mask Making and with directing as well

I am currently based in Vester Skerninge on Funen in Denmark, where I have started my theater company and hope to collaborate with both Danish and foreign theater artists and companies.

Look at the menu at the top to see what projects and performances I’m currently working on, and please feel free to contact me with any inquiries!

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My passion as a theater maker has a wide range – I have a great love for all that is comic, peculiar, poetic, grotesque, absurd as well as the tragic and high-dramatic. I devise theater in ensemble and by myself, and believe that the storytelling is the core of every theater experience. I  am drawn to and seeking the ultimate transformation, when I develop a character. I want to move people and gather them around common and new experiences and, through telling stories of great worlds that captures something universal of the human nature and soul, make their imagination expand so their dreams, hopes, desires become clear and magnificent for them. As a theater maker I wish to make myself available and vulnerable in all the work I create, whether my intend is to corrupt my audience with laughter or share the deepest pains of the world with them.

Connection, integration and movement are important words, or rather, sensations for me as a theater maker.

Connection to myself, to my inner world and the outer world I live in. Integration of my mind, voice and body as one, integration of myself as an artist in the world of today. Movement, moving with my voice, my body, moving boundaries and barriers, moving horizons, moving people together, moving into the unknown.

I believe as an artist that in order to fully connect to and integrate within, we must allow ourselves to move; move from an old, familiar place, to a new, unexplored place. We must be willing to feel wrong for a moment to allow ourselves to be truly moved. In this movement, moving of self and being moved by others, we can realize, we are able to be the channel of something greater, and that this ”something” comes from us – because the world is reflected in all of us, and we all have the potential to connect to everything, integrate within everything and move anything.


Contact me to get more information regarding performances, workshops and other inquiries on:

Mail: anne@kaereteater.dk
Phone: +45 30268862

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