Alice in Wonderland

December 2017. “Alice in Wonderland” the annual Holiday Show of The Dell’Arte Company. The Performance er created and written by the third year ensemble of students, who in this period of time are in internship at the Dell’Arte Company, with Michael Fields as Director.

An interpretation and adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s old story of the girl Alice, who escapes reality by dreaming her way into wonderland. Here the story has a modern twist – Alice has been dragged along by her mother and is moved from the city to the rural surroundings in Humboldt County in Northern California, likewise the story itself has been transplantet and transformed so it fits the surroundings and the scenario of Humboldt County.

Actors: Jeesun Choi (Korea), Tushar Mathews (India), Zafiria Dimitropoulou (Greece), Tafadzwa Bob Mutumbi (Zimbabwe), Emilia Björk (Sweden), Anne Kjær Wæhrens (Denmark), Taylor Brewerton, Rebecca Finney, Kevin Duvall, Jenny Lamb, Grayson Bradshaw and Lucius Robinson (USA).