In the workshop ”Clown” we work intensely with your personal humor in the quest of finding your inner personal clown persona.

What do you find funny? What is funny about you? What weird habits do you have, both the physical habits and other little strange habits is looked upon and emphasized to an extend where ones unique, personal ridiculousness comes forth.

The clowns body can be modeled until you find the right physical expression; maybe it is a bigger butt, bigger belly, big boobs or another unevenness which needs to be emphasized. We work with the voice of the clown and try to find the temper and mood of your clown. The work gets very close to you, but is at the same time very far from you.

We will play many different games to understand the place, energy and bounciness in which the clown lives. Then the nose is added and improvisation exercises is introduced, where you in groups interact and create small clown routines together.

The workshop can culminate in a showing of any sort depending on the length and what the desired goal is.

The workshop can be organized aiming the specific group of interest.

  • Children and youth who work with drama in their school.
  • Folkehøjskoler (Folk High Schools) who wants new input on their theater department.
  • Actors who wants to expand their repertoire and wishes to learn clown.
  • Teachers and other business people – here the focus will be on how introduce humor in the workplace and thereby enrich the working environment. The workshop could f.x be part of a employees meeting, a party at the work etc.


A workshop in Clown can last from 2 hours to several weeks, all depending on what the desired outcome is.

Contact me to book a workshop and get information about prices etc.