Resumé for Anne Kjær Wæhrens

Date of birth: 21.05.1988. Height: 168 cm. Weight: 57 kg. Eyes: Blue. Hair: Blond.


2015-2017 Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre, California: Master of Fine Arts in Ensemble Based Physical Theatre (MFA year 2 & 3)

Intensive devising projects: Solo Character Project, adaptation of short story, Tragedy, Community Based Art Project, Internship with the Dell’Arte Company (Holiday Show 2016), Study abroad: Bali, Storytelling and Thesis Project. Monthly written assignments. Classes in movement, dance, yoga, voice, acrobatics, improvisation, music, “Artist Entrepreneurship” etc.

2012-2015 Independent Academy for Free School Teaching, Denmark (DfL)

Main subjects: Drama, Danish and Music. Additional subjects: Storytelling, pedagogics, psychology and didactics.

2009-2010 Dell’Arte, International School of Physical Theatre, California: Professionel Training Program

Ensemble based physical theatre training. Commedia dell’arte, Melodrama, Clown.

2008, Jan.-June, Performers House (Folk High School in Silkeborg, DK)

The Stanislavskij system, Physical Theatre, Commedia dell’arte, Mask Making, Film making and acting.

1994-2007 Waldorf School, in Fredericia and in Aarhus

Graduating with the Final Year Project “Expression – Rethorics and Mimics”.

2004-2005 OrkesterEfterskolen

Boarding School for classical music, specializing in violin.



2006-2016, Solo lessons with Voice Training teacher Henning Silberg at the National Theatre School, Copenhagen, DK

2015, May, Workshop with Nadine George (Voice Studio International), Forsøgsstationen, Copenhagen, DK

2014-2015, Weekly voice training in group and individually w. Angelina Watson and Anja Owe, Forsøgsstationen, Cph, DK

2014, November, 1 week Voice Training workshop with Henning Silberg, Copenhagen, DK

2014, July, 3 day intensive Voice Training workshop with Henning Silberg, Copehagen, DK

2014, May, Workshop with Nadine George (Voice Studio International), Odsherred Teaterskole, Odsherred DK


2013, Dec-Jan, Solo lessons in acting w. actor Anders Gjellerup Koch, Odense Teater, Odense, DK

2013, February, The Art of the Mask, 1 week workshop w/ Duccio Bellugi, Theatré du Soleil, Forsøgsstationen, Cph, DK

2012, November, Lost in the Forest, 4 weeks intensive workshop w/ Pierangelo Pompa, Odin Teatret, Holstebro, DK

2012, March, Workshop in Hospital Clowning w/Michael Christensen, Aarhus, DK

2011-2015, Flamenco dance w/Tiitta Karjalainen and Pepita Rohde, Copenhagen, DK

2010-2011, Solo lessons in acting w. actor Anders Budde Christensen, AFUK, Copenhagen, DK

2006, July, 4 weeks theatre workshop w. Isabel Ubeda, Henning Silberg, Karin Sjöholm and Magnus Errboe, Herning, DK


2016, December, “Alice in Wonderland”, The red queen, Holiday Show at the Dell’Arte Company, Dell’Arte, CA

2016, August, “The Swineherd”, clown performance w/ Ciboulette Clown Troupe, H. C. Andersen Festival, Odense, DK

2016, May-June, “Her story”, Community Based Arts Project w/ Humboldt Domestic Violence Service, Dell’Arte, CA

2016, April, “Queen of the Sons of Exile”, Tragedy of Medea, Lead role, Carlo Theatre, Dell’Arte, CA

2016, February, “Fuzzy Goo”, Adaptation of Zimbabwean Short Story, Carlo Theatre, Dell’Arte, CA

2015, December, Character Project, Short 10 min. scene (melodrama), Carlo Theatre, CA

2015, August, “The Flying Suitcase”, The princess, Kulturmaskinen, H. C. Andersen Festival, Odense, DK

2011-2015, August, ”Klintkalaset”, Clown Festival arranged by the Clown Troupe Ciboulette, Falerum, Sweden

2015, March, “Teaparty with Mulli & Parro”, collaboration with Ruxandra Cantir, AFUK, Copenhagen

2014-15 ”Get Back on the Horse”, clown show collaboration w. Jens Kløft, premiere March 2015, tour in the spring, DK

2014, Concert and storytelling for kids in Church, Copenhagen, DK

2014, October, “Helgi Daner festival” (Josefine Ottesen book) Storyteller in “the Three Norns”, Nyborg, DK

2014, Spring, “Everything You Do is a Balloon”, ensemble member, physical expressive performance, Ollerup, Funen, DK

2014, Spring, ”Cabaret Mulli”, solo clown show (starting point for “Get Back on the Horse”), Ollerup, Funen DK

2013, Spring, Director on ”Danish Lounge”, naturalistic/absurd theatre performance on DfL, Ollerup, Funen DK

2012, November, ”Lost in The Forest”, 5 shows, project at The Odin Theatre, Holstebro, DK

2011, July, De store synger”, clown/musician, Family theatre performance on a ship, 4 performances, Funen DK


2014-2015, Drama teacher (physical theatre, Voice and theatre improv.), Bordings Free School, Cph, DK

2014, March, 3 weeks internship, taught Clown and Voice classes, Ry Højskole, Ry, DK

2013, Fall, Drama teacher at a Children and Youth Theater ”B&U Teatret”, Svendborg, DK

2013, March, 3 weeks internship, taught maskmaking and was assistant director, Performers House, Silkeborg, DK

2012, Dec., performer at CoreAct (performance group), ”Det Rullende Rum”, Copenhagen, DK