The Workshop ”Storytelling” has two possible options of focus and goal.

– The focus can either be on you telling stories – here you are a step closer to yourself than in the dramatic work. It is YOU, who is telling the story and not a character. Many tools and exercises from drama will be used in this workshop to create basic sense of being grounded and ability to authentically tell and immerse oneself in the story and its character. We will work with different storytelling improvisational exercises, which will enhance the participants ability to access imagination and with words create images in the listeners consciousness. We will work with the voice, the dramatic presence, body posture, gesture, mimics and body language – but the core of the work is to find ones unique storytelling style, which is connected to who you are as a person.

Or focus can be on storytelling as a dramatic realm – here we will work with character who tells a story, characters from specific stories who tells the story from their perspective. We can work with already written stories, personal stories, or short stories the participants write. We will work with character development, the situation and relation to audience. Some essential questions we will investigate are – why tell this exact story? What relevance does it have in this day and age? What is the core or metaphor of the story? What do I wish to leave my audiences with from this story?

We can work with animation of the story – we will look at light, sound, props, and perhaps bring in puppetry, masks, and site specific elements – all in service of conveying the essential of the story!

The workshop can be organized so it fits both children, youth and adults.

Contact me to book a workshop and get information about prices etc.