May and June 2016. “Herstory”- a ‘community based art’ project in collaboration with the organiation “Humboldt Domestic Violence Services” with the focus on spreading insight in and awareness about the problems there are in a home with violence.

The performance focuses tells the story of four fictive women, who to different degrees and in different circumstances have been exposed to violence by their partners or others in their homes or environment close to their homes. – physical and/or psychological violence. Both men, women and children are exposed to abuse and violence, but the majority of all cases are about violence committed by men against women. The stories has a nerve and hits you right in the center. The performance is poetic, simple in its expression and rich on music with songs reflecting the emotions that are dealt with for both the audience and the actors.

The performance was created, written and performed by: Jenny Lamb (USA), Zafiria Dimitropoulou (Greece), Emilia Björk (Sweden) and Anne Kjær Wæhrens (Denmark).

The performance and the stories of the four women was created in close collaboration with the employees at Humboldt Domestic Violence Services.