Mask Making

In this workshop we will make masks inspired from Commedia dell’Arte masks – we can both make half masks, so the character can talk and masks that covers the whole face.

We will walk through techniques of how to make a mask, and get inspiration from the archetypes in the Commedia delll’Arte tradition: Capitano, Harlecino, Columbine, Doctore, Pantalone, Brigella, Punchinella og Stupino. Every participant will then make a mask with the characteristics of one of the archetypes.

Mask Making is a comprehensive work process: First we will make a “negative”, a cast of every participants face, where after we fill the cast with a mix of plaster, which will give us a “positive” cast of the face. On this “positive” cast the mask is sculpted out of clay until the wanted expression is found. Then we put five to six layers of papier maché, which, after drying, will be removed. This papier maché mask is what will become the final mask, and the last step is painting the mask.

The workshop can be simplified (for children) and we can make masks out of different materials like baskets, hats, boxes and other things we find, and we can glue different objects, buttons, ribbons etc. on, to give the mask a certain feature and expression.

A workshop in making the Commedia dell’Arte masks needs at least five to seven days. A simplified Mask Making workshop can last a couple of hours or longer, all depending on the materials available and the desired outcome.

Expenses on material is at the cost of the participants and will be added to the total price of the workshop. In addition, the workshop needs a proper work space with a large table with the possibility to be standing and working.

The workshop can be organized aiming either children, youth or adults.

Contact me to book a workshop and get information about prices etc.