Tragedy “Queen of the Sons of Exile”

April 2016. Tragedy project on the second year of the Master of Fine Arts program at Dell’Arte International. Interpretation and adaptation of Eurepides’ “Medea”.

A mother, a queen, the grand daugther of the sun, a sun princess with the powers of a god finds herself in asylum and fighting to keep her own integrity and esteem in a male-dominated world. She is betrayed by her loved husband, who marries the King of Korinth’s daugther merely to assert his own status. With unsparing anger and deeply hurt in her soul, she makes the greatest and most difficult choice of all times – to sacrifice her own sons.

Devised, created and performed by: Jeesun Choi (Korea), Tushar Mathews (India), Zafiria Dimitroupoulou (Greece), Tafadzwa Bob Mutumbi (Zimbabwe), Emilia Björk (Sweden), Anne Kjær Wæhrens (Denmark), Taylor Brewerton, Rebecca Finney, Kevin Duvall, Jenny Lamb, Grayson Bradshaw and Lucius Robinson (USA).