Voice Work

In the workshop ”Voice Work” we strive to find the potential of your true voice. There is the possibility to choose between two different  areas focus in this workshop.

– The focus can either lie in the specific voice work and training as a tool for actors and singers – a tool to find the physical emotional resonance within you, whether you are an actor or a singer, in the work with a dramatic text or a song.

Or the focus can be on a more personal level, not with an artistic, performative goal, but for you who wishes to train and develop your voice because of personal reasons, f.x. in connection to tasks you have at your work or other aspects of your personal life. We will also work with text in this context – either with a dramatic text or a text related to the work you do.

I have a wide knowledge when it comes to voice work, and I use different methods, but I am not educated in one certain voice training method. When we work I will draw on my knowledge from working with the Roy Hart technique and the Nadine George Voice Work, along with Alexander Technique, movement- and body exercises and breathing and relaxation exercises.

The Workshop is for people who are willing to work with themselves on a deep personal level.

The workshop can be organized aiming the specific group of interest:

  • Children and youth who work with drama in their school.
  • Folkehøjskoler (Folk High Schools) who wants new input on their theater department.
  • Actors/actor aspirants who wants to expand their knowledge of voice work develop their voice (solo lessons are also possible).
  • Teachers and other business people, who wants to train their voice and gain knowledge of how they can use their voices without restraining it while working. The workshop could f.x. be a part of conferences, employees meetings and such.
  • All people, who are interested in discovering their true voice.

A workshop in ”Voice Work” can last from one hour up to several days or weeks, if that is of interest.

Contact me to book a workshop and get information about prices etc.