We Are Having A Nice Time

March – May 2017. Thesis project and performance at Dell’Arte International.

The piece is a farce created in ensemble. A grotesque story about the crooked and crazy constellations, which can appear in a dis harmonic family but with poetic and heartfelt notes. A performance about giving up ones need to control, and finding the trust, honesty and love for each other after several years with misunderstandings and preconceived opinions.

In a big old decayed mansion, hidden far away behind impassable wilderness and shrubbery a crooked and crazy family lives. Bernice and Barney are siblings, and have a weird relationship, Bernice is overprotecting and controlling and Barney pliable and filled with resignation obeys every wish of Bernice. Viola is their sister-in-law and their deceased brothers widow, Barney is secretively in love with Viola and has been for many years, but Viola lives in a illusion about her dead husband Martin and holds on to his urn wherever she goes. George Felix is the youngest of Bernice’s two sons, he is still living at home, and even though he is a grown up man, he is at the same time a needy child closely connected to his mother. The oldest son of Bernice, Charlie, who has been away on adventure in the wide world for many years, suddenly returns one day and then everything turns upside down. It is Uncle Barneys birthday and Charlie is of course returned to celebrate him. Bernice has everything planned out, but turns all perplex resulting in both cookies and chicken turning to coal. Charlie’s returns lights Barneys desire to travel and his willpower, Martin’s urn disappears for while and Viola’s illusion starts to break. Bernice can no longer keep everything together and her need for having a nice time is belittled over and over again. Georgie starts to grow out of his childlike personality and makes a drastic decision on his own. And the cause of this change is all due to Charlie’s return – but does Charlie have a clear conscience? Is really the great ‘man of the world’, who has returned after his many adventures in the wide world?

The performance is devised, created and written by: Viola – Jeesun Choi (Korea),  Bernice – Anne Kjær Wæhrens (Denmark), George Felix – Taylor Brewerton, Charlie – Kevin Duvall and Barney – Lucius Robinson(USA).